About Us

Since 2001, we at Stepping Stone Rehab, Inc have provided outpatient physical therapy services to the residents of western North Carolina and upstate South Carolina. Our goal is simple: To give you the attention you deserve while providing the best, personalized care.

We pride ourselves in following these promises:

  • All of your appointment time is with the same licensed physical therapist. We do not use aids or assistants. We feel this is important for continuity of care and provides a positive relationship and comfort level between patient and therapist.
  • Our therapists utilize the latest evidence-based physical therapy techniques. We continue our education in order to provide the most up to date information and further our clinical skills.
  • After work hours are available by appointment. Our hours and availability are flexible to meet the needs of our patients.
  • Communication with the patient and their referring doctor is an essential component in the rehabilitation process. Our therapists are available for consultation via email or by phone for our patients, physicians, and case managers who may need clarification on their plan of care or home exercise program.
  • Our clinical atmosphere is friendly, inviting and soothes any concerns one may have about starting their physical therapy.